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Marble Duvets are the IN thing!

By Krystle Barnes 25 days ago 31 Views No comments

At queenb we often get asked "what is the latest trend in Duvets?". Well the hottest thing on the market for Duvet Covers right now is....... MARBLE!

Who would have thought you could add a gorgeous, natural, stone-like quality to your bed (just like your tiles or benchtop)! Totally unisex, your husband or partner can't complain the bedding you chose looks a bit "girly".

Marble Duvets aren't cheap but damn, they are amazing quality and are made where else- but Italy!!! Buy these online from queenb in Gold or White- no-one ever regretted buying quality!

The Egyptian Cotton Myth Busted! Why there are Cheap & Expensive sets on the NZ market!

By queenb 2 months ago 34 Views No comments

Egyptian Cotton is often a term used to describe good quality sheets. Unfortunately you have to be careful as a very cheap “Egyptian Cotton” sheet set is more than likely too good to be true! Here's what we have to tell you...

Did you know, we don’t have any regulations in New Zealand, so a bud gown in China, Pakistan or similar means the origin of Cotton can still be described as “Egyptian Cotton” even though it will not receive the same nutrients or perfect growing climate genuine Egyptian Cotton, grown on the banks of the Nile and picked by hand (not machine picked like crops in China or Pakistan) are. The result of this could be a cheaper sheet set, but because of the machine picking process, the sheets will break down & pill (bobble) over a shorter period of time....

What Fabric do I Want as my Bed Sheets?

By queenb 2 months ago 27 Views No comments

Sheets are really important for a perfect night’s sleep. We always get people in the queenb showroom after a new, top quality set of sheets! The first question we always ask the customer when they arrive to buy new sheets is what material do you want your sheet set made of; cotton, polycotton or “other”? The most common response is “what is the difference?" Being Manchester experts the queenb team are always more than happy to explain!

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