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Tips for Combating Bed Wetting

By Simon Hemmings 4 months ago 244 Views No comments

How to minimise bed wetting

As parents we can get tired of stripping the bed after wee accidents. You may have tried multiple solutions to prevent bed wetting but there is no overarching solution as every child is different. See a few helpful hints below that will ease both you and your children through this time.

Limit Drinks Before Bed Time

If you allow them to drink too much before bed their little bladders may not be able to hold the wee all night. Get them to go to the toilet before bed, and also set a routine for drinks through the day so they remain hydrated throughout and aren't over drinking just before bed.

Leave A Light On

Having a night light on and light in the bathroom can make a huge difference in encouraging your child to get up and use the bathroom. (It prevents monsters getting them in the night).

Encouraging Behaviour

Positive reinforcements for things like going to the toilet before bed can make a difference. If they do wet the bed then respond gently and don't punish your child for a wet bed. Explain there may be accidents - it is no big deal.

Even Through This Process Make Sure You Protect Your Bed

Waterproof Mattress Protectors

If you have ever had a waterproof mattress protector that hasn't worked, you need one of our Drylife ones, in your life! They really work, and have a PUC rather than a PVC backing, meaning that they don't "rustle" all night. They also have a 100% cotton terry towelling top, making them absorbent and comfortable. Great if you have little ones and want to protect an expensive mattress!

Brolly Sheets

Brolly Sheets with wings have a generous size absorbent pad with tuck in wings to hold firmly in place. Just place on top of the bottom sheet, tuck in the wings and sleep directly on the cotton top. Then when wet, it takes only seconds to replace with another. No more stripping the whole bed!


Peejamas are overnight training pants that are capable of absorbing and retaining 200mls of fluid. Peejamas are reusable and washable for more than 300 washes. Save hundreds of dollars compared to nighttime pull ups and nappies. More eco-friendly than disposable nappies! Help your kids potty train more quickly. These Peejamas function as regular pajamas after your child stops wetting the bed.

If you have any other handy tips to help prevent bed wetting, share them below.

Discover TENCEL®

By Simon Hemmings 1 years ago 1006 Views No comments

The new wonderfibre in bedware

New-generation botanic fibre TENCEL® is revolutionising bedware with its exceptional absorbency, insulation and hypoallergenic properties.

So what exactly is TENCEL®?

TENCEL® is an extraordinary new wood-pulp fibre extracted from the eucalyptus tree. It has many remarkable characteristics that make it ideal for use in bedding.

What are the benefits of TENCEL®?

Moisture Management

TENCEL® fibres have outstanding natural absorption properties. Microscopic channels on the surface of the fibre draw moisture away from your body and release it into the air, leaving you warmer and your bedding drier and fresher.

Temperature Regulation

TENCEL® is an efficient insulator, keeping you warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. Because your body isn't having to work hard to constantly warm and cool itself, you'll experience a more natural, better quality of sleep.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Thanks to its exceptional moisture management properties, TENCEL® naturally reduces the growth of bacteria, mildew and dust mites in your bedding. That means less odour and fewer triggers for those with asthma or other allergies.

Environmental Credentials

TENCEL® fibre is produced from sustainably forested wood, using a high-tech process that has won many environmental awards. In bedding, it offers an excellent-value, animal product-free alternative to down.

Layer up your bed with TENCEL® and enjoy a naturally great night's sleep. Many of our Drylife range of products are made from TENCEL®, check them out here.

Ways you can go green around your home

By Krystle Barnes 2 years ago 938 Views No comments

With the announcement that the New Zealand Government plans to ban single-use plastic bags by August 2019, the team here at queenb thought it a good time to brainstorm ways that you can cut down on plastic bag use.

Did you know five trillion plastic bags are estimated to be used worldwide every year. That’s a lot of plastic that take a lifetime or longer to break down.

So, what can you do to cut down your single plastic bag use? There are a few things that can have easy gains and can also work out better for your wallet too!

You can now buy re-useable metal straws, and do away with the plastic (these are terrible for the environment)! If you get a take-away coffee every morning, take a re-useable cup with you!It’s nicer to drink from and a lot of cafes even give you a discount for taking your own!

Of course, once plastic bags are gone from supermarkets, you will be stuck carrying your shopping, or having to buy another recyclable bag! Why not get into the swing of it now, keep the bags in your boot or backseat, another great idea we have heard of is to keep a washing basket in your boot! Easy to fill up and carry to your panty!

Another fantastic invention we spotted was the Original Trolley Bags, there are 4 bags, with a mesh bottom that Velcro together, with rods to sit in your trolley, they also pull apart for ease of putting them in your car. Such great value for $52.90/set! And they are so well made, you can use them for years to come!

We have covered the morning coffee run, trips to cafes for milkshakes, food shopping, let’s think about ways to reduce your waste inside the home. From cooking, why not get a worm farm for your backyard, all your food scraps (excluding fruit) can go in there, and as a bonus you get worm juice in the bottom tray, that you can use as liquid fertiliser on your plants or lawn every couple of months!

Nearly everyone has an email address, so get bills emailed to you, don’t get these posted to you! You could even opt to go digital to read the newspaper, rather than using ink and paper for your morning news fix!

You can also help the environment by buying quality, built to last items, often when you spend that little bit more, you buy an item that is built to last, and won’t end up in the landfill earlier than it should! Not only helping the environment, but your wallet too. Here at queenb we have gorgeous Duvet Covers, Duvet Inners, Sheets and Towels that are built better than the standard you find at other retailers, this is especially true of our Commercial stock, which is built to withstand hundreds of uses!

Buy NZ made where you can, there are beautiful Wool Blankets, Duvet Inners, Sheets and Pillows that are made right here in NZ, reduce your carbon footprint, and always buy local where you can! Not only will you get a better product, but you will help keep your fellow countrymen employed!

Wedding Gift Guide: Why Sheets Make the Best Wedding Gifts

By Krystle Barnes 3 years ago 2233 Views No comments

So you have the invite, dusted off your best dress, gone on a crash diet (so the rellies' don't think you have put on weight) but still don't know what you buy the happy couple since they didn't provide a gift register? You know you want to get them something nice but useful. What more would a couple use more than good quality sheets.

A good night's sleep is vital for every human being to survive and given that on average a person sleeps for 8 hours in a day, that means that an average person will sleep for 229,961 hours in their lifetime or basically one third of their life (so for a couple, that's 459922 hours).

Providing a couple with a beautiful sheet set would mean they would get at least 10,000 hours worth of use from.

Now that you've found the perfect gift idea, you'll probably want to know which one would be the right fit. There are so many to choose from and you don't have to go for traditional cotton.

Ideally, the signal "quality" for a good sheet set is found in their thread count. High thread count and quality threads ensures softness and longevity of the sheets. You could go for a 100% 500TC Cotton sheet set or why not treat the lovely couple to a 1000TC hotel quality sheet set(since they are paying for you to enjoy a huge night out.) Sheridan has a range of high end luxury sheets, let the couples honeymoon period remain a little bit longer with this beautiful hotel quality sheets.

If you wanted to step away from cotton, linen is also an ideal material for quality sheets. The Vida Linen Sheets are made in Portugal, are individually stonewashed and get softer with each wash! These particular sheets are thick and are sure to last many nights sleeps.

After picking your fabric, it's time to think about colour. Depending on how well you know the couple of the hour, you may or may not know their tastes. A safe bet is to go for solid colours that would easily match any bedroom aesthetic. This could be whites, navys, khakis, and taupes. Lighter colours tend to make the room look brighter and bigger - but if they're the type to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed (which we hope they aren't!) darker colours would be the way to go.

Queenb Sheets

The Benefits of Bamboo Cotton in Your Home and Against Your Skin

By Krystle Barnes 3 years ago 3904 Views 1 comment

How good is Bamboo?! It has so many great properties, which are transferred through to its fibre when made into bedding and towels, even when mixed with cotton (which products like towels usually are):

1) Bamboo fibre is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, non-irritating and low odour. This leaves your towels smelling fresh and odour free after several uses. It is great for people with allergies.

2) Natural and Eco-friendly, bamboo fibre is highly absorbent and the smoothness and roundness of the bamboo fibre makes bamboo towels and bedding feel luxuriously silky and soft.

3) Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys Edullis) is the species of bamboo plant that is used in garments and is not a species that is popular among endangered Pandas (yay for protecting the Panda Bears)!

4) Bamboo is 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton, because of this it absorbs and evaporates sweat very quickly, so is perfect for HOT sleepers.

5) Bamboo is anti-static and wrinkle free (great for its use in luxurious sheets and pillowcases).

If you are in the market for new towels or sheets definitely consider 100% bamboo or a bamboo blend. Bamboo has been called the wonder fabric of the 21st century.

Can I use an electric blanket with a Waterproof Mattress Protector?

By Krystle Barnes 3 years ago 79205 Views 4 comments

We regularly get asked, at this time of year, if a waterproof mattress protector can be used with an electric blanket, and should it be put over, or underneath the electric blanket?

The answer is simple:

Yes, you can use a waterproof mattress protector with an electric blanket

Our advice is to put the electric blanket on the mattress, and put the waterproof mattress protector over the top.

It will not alter the effectiveness of the electric blanket, as heat will transfer through the mattress protector to the sleeper, and at the same time, your electric blanket will be protected from any spills or stains.

To shop our range of mattress protectors click here. To shop our range of electric blankets click here.

Hungarian Goose, Goose or Duck Inner?

By Krystle Barnes 3 years ago 2109 Views No comments

So you've decided that you want to go for a Down and Feather Duvet Inner? Now you are faced with the question, do you go for Duck, Goose or Hungarian Goose?

Duck is the most cost-effective of the three options, and is the most readily available, it's a great all-rounder, and a 90/10 fill will keep you toasty this winter!

If you want to go a step up, Goose is slightly more rare than duck, and goose down has a larger cluster than the duck, making it a bit more insulating, as it is able to trap more air.

Now to Hungarian Goose, Hungarian Geese live in a very cold climate, and because of this they tend to grow very, very large, thus their down cluster is larger again than Goose (almost double the size), making it extremely efficient at insulating as those large clusters are able to trap in more air. Hungarian Goose down is the ultimate insulator and is ideal for those who feel the cold or who prefer lightweight products. It also comes with a pricetag at least double that of Duck & Feather inners!

You spend half your life in bed, so why not treat yourself to a beautiful new down & feather inner. If the budget allows definitey go for Hungarian Goose, it is amazing quality!

P.S - just as a side-note, you will never see a 100% down inner in NZ (like you do in other countries) our certifications here only allow us to go to a 95/5 fill (as there is always a chance a stray feather or two will sneak in the mix)!

Is a Down and Feather Duvet Right for me?

By Krystle Barnes 3 years ago 10691 Views No comments

When choosing a new duvet inner you need to consider factors such as which season do you intend to use it for? Do you want just one layer, or do you want a clip together, two layer, All Seasons option? Another important factor to consider is how warm is your home? Is it well insulated or older and more prone to cold? Also do you like weight, or prefer lightweight inners and do you feel the cold? Have you had a Feather and Down inner before that you are happy with? If so, you have been spoilt and run the risk of being dissappointed if you move to a new fibre for your duvet inner!

Down & Feather

The secret to Down and Feather is to achieve maximum insulation with a minimum of weight. This places importance on the quality and type of filling. The filling consists of either down and/or feather. The down content is always stated first with the feather second (example 80/20 refers to 80% down and 10% feather content - unless otherwise stated - always read the description before you buy, inners with more down content are much more expensive than those with more feather content!

Feathers are hard and heavy whereas down is soft and light. Down acts as an insulator, trapping air in its soft fibres to deliver great warmth without weight. In duvet inners a high percentage of down will work best to keep you warmer. Feather is used to provide support and bulk in bedding products. It is these unique qualities that make feather & down mixtures so ideal. The end result makes a Down & Feather Duvet Inner breathable, resistant to compression, incredibly light and warm, wonderfully snuggly and efficient at trapping and holding warmth.

Most Down & Feather Duvets are made from down-proof cotton (meaning your feathers should not escape) and in modern times are made with a boxed construction (rather than channelled construction - although these can still be purchased) meaning the fill will stay in its compartment, keeping you cosy and warm year round!

Our advice - if you want a luxurious, cozy Duvet Inner, that is puffy and will make your bed look "inviting" take the plunge and invest in a really good quality Down & Feather Duvet Inner - you won't be dissappointed!

Now the only question is, do you go for a Duck, Goose or Hungarian Goose inner, and what is the difference between the three (read the next blog post for the answer)!

Why buy a Sealy Commercial Bed over a normal Retail Bed?

By Krystle Barnes 3 years ago 8232 Views No comments

Did you know that on average, over a lifetime, you will spend 1/3 or 26 years in bed sleeping! How crazy is that fact? So it stands to reason that if you spend this much time snoozing, you might as well do it in pure comfort and bliss.

A good bed can help many things; of course your quality of sleep, which will determine how well you function during the day. A good sleep is said to help your heart, lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and even your assist your metabolism!

How To Set Up A Bedroom for Airbnb

By Melanie van Ameyde 3 years ago 9625 Views No comments

So you've decided to put fear aside and join the ever-growing community of people renting out their spare rooms to strangers through Airbnb. Nothing to worry about- right?

Airbnb is fast becoming a seriously popular way to travel and if you're up for sharing your morning cuppa with a paying stranger then you could be in to make some nice extra pocket money.

What Sort Of Bed Should I Use For Guests?

Once you've established which room to let out it's time to focus on the most important aspect of the room, the bed. If you're planning on becoming a regular Airbnb host then you're going to want to get a bed that's fit for the task. A successful host doesn't rely on renting out their children's childhood bunk beds! Equip your room with a commercial bed that is built to last. queenb stocks a great range of Sealy commercial beds and mattresses, perfect for giving your paying guests a quality night's sleep.

Choosing a commercial bed ensures that you are getting a product that is built to last. A unique feature of the Sealy Commercial Beds is their extra row of reinforced springs positioned around the edge of each mattress. Guests frequently sit on the edge of their beds to watch tv, put on shoes e.t.c. and having extra reinforcement helps to prevent premature mattress sagging.

What Essential Items Should Be On A Guest Bed?

1. Mattress Protector

It goes without saying that you'll want your bed to be properly protected! A good quality, waterproof mattress protector is an investment you won't regret! A brand we love called DryLife has some fantastic waterproof options for keeping your mattress protected for as little as $36!

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