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The Benefits of Bamboo Cotton in Your Home and Against Your Skin

By Krystle Barnes 3 years ago 3914 Views 1 comment

How good is Bamboo?! It has so many great properties, which are transferred through to its fibre when made into bedding and towels, even when mixed with cotton (which products like towels usually are):

1) Bamboo fibre is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, non-irritating and low odour. This leaves your towels smelling fresh and odour free after several uses. It is great for people with allergies.

2) Natural and Eco-friendly, bamboo fibre is highly absorbent and the smoothness and roundness of the bamboo fibre makes bamboo towels and bedding feel luxuriously silky and soft.

3) Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys Edullis) is the species of bamboo plant that is used in garments and is not a species that is popular among endangered Pandas (yay for protecting the Panda Bears)!

4) Bamboo is 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton, because of this it absorbs and evaporates sweat very quickly, so is perfect for HOT sleepers.

5) Bamboo is anti-static and wrinkle free (great for its use in luxurious sheets and pillowcases).

If you are in the market for new towels or sheets definitely consider 100% bamboo or a bamboo blend. Bamboo has been called the wonder fabric of the 21st century.

Isabella Reyes 1 years ago at 10:42 pm
Agree with this. I have bamboo sheet at home and getting up in the morning is much harder bacause my sheet feels really nice. Love it so much!

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