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Wool Mohair Throws

Mohair is a warm, fluffy, beautiful fabric, not to mention durable and resilient, making it one of the best fabrics to make blankets and throws out of. It’s not nicknamed ‘the diamond fibre’ for nothing!

A Kiwi staple, mohair is usually made from the hair of the Angora goat and is considered a luxury fibre much like silk or cashmere. Like these fibres, it’s incredibly light, giving you warmth without weight. It’s also one of the oldest textile fibres in use today.

Chosen by households worldwide for its temperature-regulating abilities, it’s warm in winter and cool because of its moisture-wicking properties in summer. It’s also flame and crease resistant, which means less worry and less effort to maintain.

Another great aspect of mohair is how well it responds to dyes. This allows us to stock a wide range of colours and sizes to match your bedroom décor needs.

Browse the queenb range and see for yourself why our New Zealand made mohair throws are so highly regarded. Shop now for fast shipping and easy returns.


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