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Door Accessories

Get practical with your doors! Our range of door accessories includes door stops and draught stoppers to help you keep the cold out or let a cool breeze in.

Seal in your home heating and save energy with a draught stopper from our
home decor range. Don’t let your heater work overtime. These draught excluders fit under internal doors to keep warm air in and draughts out. Our collection comes in generous lengths and widths and is available in a variety of classic and novelty styles.

Have a door that won’t stay open or slams shut every time there’s a breeze? Get a sand-filled door stop and you’ll wonder why you never invested in one before. We have decorative door stops as well as cute animal door stops, including dog and cat designs.

Our door stops and draught excluders are stylish and practical additions to any home. Browse for new door accessories online for fast delivery in NZ and Australia. 

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