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A coverlet is a light bedspread, which is often quilted or woven. The key difference between a coverlet and other types of bedspread is that a coverlet generally only reaches the top of your bed skirting.

They’re designed mostly as a decorative layer that can go over a duvet or a thicker bedspread. They do provide a bit of warmth but are mostly used for bedroom décor purposes. Because they look so good, you can also use them as a throw for your bed, or your favourite armchair or sofa.

Many of our premium cotton, linen and silk coverlets come in sets, which means they include beautiful pillowcases to, in order for you to complete the look.

At queenb, we pride ourselves in stocking not only top quality coverlets, but also contemporary, on-trend coverlet styles, colours and patterns. We also stock a huge range of size options so you’ll find coverlets for your bed, no matter its size.

Give your bedroom a modern twist with an elegant coverlet, the perfect bedding to layer your bed the way you want. Browse our latest range now and you’ll be eligible for free shipping and easy returns from this 100% Kiwi owned company.


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