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Spiced Feijoa Cake

Posted by queenb on 6th Apr 2021

This delicious Feijoa Cake recipe is an older recipe from the Edmonds Cook Book, but they have a new version available here.Cake Ingredients:175g Butter (Softened)1 Cup Caster Sugar3 Eggs1 Teasp … read more

Can bunk beds be cool?

Posted by Krystle Barnes on 7th Jul 2020

When you think of bunk beds what springs to mind? Solid steel tube fit for a school camp or a rickety, flimsey pile of wood, badly screwed together looking like it belongs in the good ol' Kiwi batch … read more

Choosing the right robe

Posted by Krystle Barnes on 7th Jul 2020

It's not always easy to choose the perfect robe! First you need to decide what material you want for your robe - do you want a nice, fluffy and light 100% polyester robe, do you want a light-weight w … read more
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