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How To Set Up A Bedroom for Airbnb

Posted by Melanie van Ameyde on 7th Jul 2020

So you've decided to put fear aside and join the ever-growing community of people renting out their spare rooms to strangers through Airbnb. Nothing to worry about- right? Airbnb is fast becoming a se … read more

Choosing the right Pillow for a Perfect Night's Sleep

Posted by Krystle Barnes on 7th Jul 2020

Choosing the right pillow is a very personal decision – what is perfect for one person may not suit the next. As well as having a supportive and comfortable bed, it is really important to have the ri … read more

How to keep Towels feeling soft & fluffy for longer!

Posted by Krystle Barnes on 7th Jul 2020

OK, OK so you have bought some new towels and you are wondering how to care for them.....Follow these great tips below, they will prolong the life of your towels, the colour won't fade, they will dry … read more
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