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Find Your Perfect Duvet Inner Match

18th Jun 2021

With an extensive range of duvet inner options like warm wool and alpaca, luxurious feathers and goose down, and natural plant fibres there can be an overwhelming number of options to choose fro … read more

Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs!

18th Jun 2021

Do you have bed bugs? Are you sure? It's always worth a reminder checking to see that you are free from bed bugs, and also to get proactive so as to prevent your home being invaded by these li … read more

Spiced Feijoa Cake

6th Apr 2021

This delicious Feijoa Cake recipe is an older recipe from the Edmonds Cook Book, but they have a new version available here.Cake Ingredients:175g Butter (Softened)1 Cup Caster Sugar3 Eggs1 Teasp … read more

How To Set Up A Bedroom for Airbnb

7th Jul 2020

So you've decided to put fear aside and join the ever-growing community of people renting out their spare rooms to strangers through Airbnb. Nothing to worry about- right? Airbnb is fast becoming a se … read more
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