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Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

30th Apr 2024

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to honour the remarkable women in your life than with a thoughtful and heartfelt gift? Whether she's the one who cheered from the sidelines at every soccer game, the shoulder you cried on during heartbreaks, or the voice of reason in chaotic times, Mothers and Mother figures hold a special place in our hearts.

So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let the queenb Mother's Day Gift Guide inspire you to find that perfect something to make her feel like the queen she is. After all, she deserves nothing but the best!

Flox Products

Neck and Shoulders Heating Pad by Sunbeam


Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

  • If your mum always complains about a sore neck or shoulder from working, then this is the EXACT gift she needs.
  • Perfectly wraps around the back of her head and connects to a remote with 5 heat settings.
  • No need to worry about overheating, as it features a safety auto-off which means it will automatically cut off after 3 hours of continuous use.
  • A win-win gift as when mum is done using it, you can have a turn as well!

Custom Embroidered Robes

  • Robes are a great gift even if Mum doesn’t wear one at the moment, if you get her one with her name on it, it is sure to become a favourite!
  • Remember you can get robes for summer and winter, made from silk to super soft polyester.
  • Add a custom embroidered name or nickname so no one else can rock the robe except her!
  • Pair this with some matching slippers to get Mum lounging in the full kit!

Funky Socks

  • Who doesn’t love receiving a funny gift, one that makes you smile and will probably remember for years to come?
  • Some think socks are one of the most boring gifts you can get, but if you look hard enough you can find some really funny ones with funny quotes or her favourite food on them.
  • Funky socks are almost always guaranteed to make everyone laugh and are a gift she won’t be able to guess or expect!

Venetia Apron by MM Linen


  • If Mum loves cooking or baking and is always wearing a boring old apron, it’s a good idea to get her a new one.
  • Depending on her personality, get one with a funny quote on it or if she always leaves it on when guests come, get her a beautiful printed one, like the MM Linen Aprons.
  • Pair it with some matching oven mits to complete the look - we have single or double mitts to choose from!


Remember, it's not just about the gift itself but the thought and love behind it. Whether you choose one of the unique gifts above or combine several to create a customized Mother's Day package, the most important thing is to show your Mum or Mother figure how much she means to you.

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