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Mattress Toppers make your bed more comfy!

Mattress Toppers make your bed more comfy!

8th Apr 2019

Goldilocks loved a comfy, soft bed and you spend (hopefully) over 8 hours a night in slumberland - you want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world each morning - and what better way to do it than to “tart” up your old, hard, un-comfy mattress, than with a beautiful feather and down or polyester filled mattress topper! Unless your current mattress has serious issues, you can probably get a few more years out of what you already own, just by adding an extra layer of comfort with a mattress topper!


Toppers are completely separate to the mattress, with elastic straps or an elasticated skirt that will allow you to remove it to air, clean or “fluff” it up.


There are two types of pillowtop overlays/toppers that are the most popular. At the top end is an overlay with goose feather & down fill. The Fairydown overlay overlay is 10cm deep consisting of two layers of feather & down - the top layer is 85% goose down and 15% goose feather – this is the luxurious layer that you sink into, the bottom layer is 5% goose down and 95% goose feather – this is the support layer. It has corner elastic straps to hold it in place.


The alternative topper to the feather & down ones are filled with balled polyester creating a “bounce back” supportive layer, adding softness and comfort to a firm mattress. Easy to maintain, safe for those with allergies and with a fully fitted stretch skirt, this type of overlay is well priced and is a good all-rounder. Under this range there is the eden Pillow Top Mattress Overlay with 600gsm of fill.


Other overlays/toppers, that can help the comfort of a mattress (but not as much as the above toppers) can include Wool Overlays, Memory Foam Overlays and Foam Overlays.

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