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2024 Trends Forecast: Pantone Colour of the Year!

2024 Trends Forecast: Pantone Colour of the Year!

29th Feb 2024

In case you have been living under a rock, the 2024 Pantone Colour Of The Year has been announced and it may surprise some of you - it’s a light, delicate shade that sits right in between pink and orange (and not on your face). . . PEACH FUZZ! There’s something special about THIS year – 2024 marks 25 years of Pantone’s Colour of the Year! Fun fact: The very first colour was Cerulean Blue, announced in 1999!

Did you know, the human brain is a non-stop machine, without us even realising, it is consistently associating colours with psychological and emotional wellbeing! Peach Fuzz is a tone that expresses warm and welcoming emotions conveying a message of compassion and coziness. Peach Fuzz channels a nurturing and calming aura, a colour reminiscent of sunrise or a nice summer's day!

The queenb team are here to help you explore how we can incorporate a bit of “sunrise fuzz” into your space!

Peach Fuzz Towels

  • Peach is a light and airy colour that will brighten up your bathroom space.
  • Peach is a gender-neutral colour that can appeal to everyone. If you're looking for towels that will be used by multiple family members or guests, peach is a great choice.
  • Whether your bathroom décor is modern or traditional, peach towels pair well with so many other different colours and designs.

Mix It Up Backdrop Peach

Peach Coloured Bedding

  • Peach is a very subtle colour which means it’s complementary with other colours such as white, grey, navy blue and pink.
  • Peach can contribute to a positive ambiance, promoting relaxation and better sleep quality.
  • This versatile colour also easily transitions between seasons. It brings warmth during colder months while maintaining a light and airy feel during warmer seasons.

Peach Artwork

  • The slightly warm undertones of peach create an optical illusion that can trick your mind into thinking a room is more spacious and open.
  • Emotionally, peach-coloured artwork can promote emotional balance and a sense of harmony.
  • Flowers, sunsets, and fruits are associated with the colour peach and hence can foster a connection to the outdoors and bring nature indoors.

Peach-themed party event

  • Peach is such a versatile colour, so is a perfect photo booth backdrop colour!
  • The soft, soothing tones of peach can have a calming effect on guests making them feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • It’s not common to have a peach-coloured theme, so it’ll make your party more memorable!
  • With a specific colour like peach, planning and coordinating becomes much more straightforward.


I think it is fair to say we can’t get enough of Peach Fuzz here at queenb! It’s a great colour,no-one thought would be crowned with the Colour of the Year, but hey, it’s not up to us! Hmmm, I wonder what next year’s colour will be?

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