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What Fabric do I Want as my Bed Sheets?

What Fabric do I Want as my Bed Sheets?

12th Nov 2017

Sheets are really important for a perfect night’s sleep. We always get people in the queenb showroom after a new, top quality set of sheets! The first question we always ask the customer when they arrive to buy new sheets is what material do you want your sheet set made of; cottonpolycotton or “other”? The most common response is “what is the difference?" Being Manchester experts the queenb team are always more than happy to explain! 


Cotton is a wonderful fibre! It is completely natural and tends to get softer and more comfortable over time. Cotton is a breathable textile drawing moisture away from your skin. You will hardly wake up with that clammy feeling sleeping on 100% cotton sheets. If you're looking for some sheets that have that cool, soft feel nothing will beat cotton. At queenb we range 300 thread count to luxurious 1200 thread count cotton sheets. Most cotton sheets are manufactured today as a cotton sateen. Cotton sateen means the sheets are still 100% cotton but the cotton is finished in such a way that it is shiny. People either love this or hate it. There is no difference in quality, just a different feel. If you don’t like the feel, there are a couple of non-sateen options to choose from. These are our Seneca 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Separates. If you have only ever used cotton sheets, we don’t recommend changing to Polycotton- they feel totally different to sleep in!


Polycotton is usually a blend of 50% cotton 50% polyester, combining the benefits of both cotton and polyester together. The polyester content is included to help keep the cost relatively low as it is a significantly cheaper fibre to produce than cotton, however is highly durable, retains its shape and resists crinkling in the washing/ drying process. Hotels and Motels use Polycotton sheets and pillowcases because of this. Polycotton is typically no higher than a 250 thread count. Remember thread count does not denote the thickness of a sheet. If you want a really thick, crispy, white, polycotton sheet the Actil Commercial Supercale sheets are the best you can buy! These are exclusive to queenb as usually only hotels and motels can buy them, but because we also supply top accommodation providers we can offer them to our retail customers too.


Cotton and Polycotton are the two main sheet varieties we sell, but of late the My Bambi Tencel Sheet Sets are really popular as they keep you dry at night, come from a sustainable resource and feel silky soft!


People also ask for “Winter Sheets”, we class these as “fluffy” sheets. Flannelette is 100% cotton and has been brushed hundreds of times to create that fluffy texture. They start life as normal cotton sheets! This is why you will sometimes get fluffing on the first few washes of flannel sheets- it is excess created in the brushing process. They are natural, breathe well and the queenb website has a fantastic range!


This article is intended to help shed some light on the different types of sheets we have available. If you need any more advice, don’t hesitate to contact the super friendly and knowledgeable queenb team on 09 5736144.

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