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Can bunk beds be cool?

Can bunk beds be cool?

3rd Sep 2017

When you think of bunk beds what springs to mind? Solid steel tube fit for a school camp or a rickety, flimsey pile of wood, badly screwed together looking like it belongs in the good ol' Kiwi batch rather than in your stylish modern home?

Well think again! In 2017 bunks can be super cool, and super safe/tough! All you need is some stylie bedding/cushions and throws, a nice looking, modern frame and decent inner sprung mattresses!

There is a real trend around bunk beds, they are now found at many luxury accommodation providers and guests love them!

At home bunks are super practical, you can have double the guests/kids/friends over to stay, without the worry of where everyone will sleep, or having to store an air bed or spare mattress in the wardrobe. If you are doing an Air B+B type situation, you also have easy extra income, and can accommodate large families or corporate groups with ease!


White or Brown timber frames are always a good choice. The Cooper bunk for example can really be jazzed up with a nice duvet, if you are renting the room, think or something unisex (also the same if you need some extra beds at home), this could work for friends/kids/extended family..... The possibilities are endless!


Did you know that Sealy Commercial inner sprung mattresses are perfect for a slat beds/bunk bed bases? So you don't need to worry about the performance of your mattress over the years, as they don't require a normal spring base to stay comfy and supportive!


So what are you waiting for, jump on the trend and shop bunks now!

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