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How to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

How to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

29th Apr 2024

As parents and caregivers ourselves, the queenb team understand the struggle of coming up with fresh and engaging ideas to keep young minds active and entertained during the school holidays.

From baking to outdoor adventures, indoor camping, movie nights, and family game nights, queenb have got you covered. So, whether you're looking to enrich their learning, foster creativity, or simply have some quality family time, the below bordem busters will help you keep the kids entertained and off technology these holidays!

One In The Eye (Corn Hole) by Easy Days


  • Get kids their own apron and chefs hat to feel more like a home baker in the kitchen.
  • Buy pre-made cake mixes for more efficient and less messy baking.
  • If your kids just love putting the sprinkles on top then just do some cupcake decorating and have a variety of frostings and sprinkles. Give them a whole dozen to keep them busy for a while!
  • Let them help out with dinner and put their own toppings on some homemade pizzas.
  • Let them make their own lunch by assembling their own sandwiches.


Playing Outside

  • Invest in some outdoor games like Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four and Cornhole, that will keep them entertained for hours!.
  • Let kids help plant flowers, herbs, or vegetables in the garden. They'll love watching their plants grow over time and learning about nature.
  • Collect leaves, sticks, and rocks to create nature-inspired crafts like leaf rubbings, painted rocks, or stick sculptures.
  • Set up an outdoor art station with sidewalk chalk, watercolours, or finger paints. Kids can create masterpieces on the sidewalk, patio, or even on large sheets of paper.


Indoor Camping

  • Set up a tent or build a fort using blankets and pillows. Kids can pretend they're camping indoors, complete with storytelling and shadow puppet shows.
  • Make signs for different areas of the campsite, such as "Welcome to Camp [Family Name]," "Campfire Area," "Sleeping Bags," etc. Kids can personalize the signs with drawings and messages.

   Host Your Own Kids vs Adults Party Board Game

Movie or Puppet Show

  • Watch a family-friendly movie or encourage kids to put on their puppet show using socks or homemade puppets.
  • Let them play dress up and perform a show or a musical number using costumes or things around the house.
  • Use a flashlight to create shadow puppets on the walls of the fort. Kids can make their own puppets using their hands with socks over top or cut-outs from paper.


Family Games Night

  • Let the adults and kids have turns hosting family games night.
  • Have a variety of puzzles on hand, pair up and see who can finish theirs first.
  • Invest in some family-appropriate board games for example  - Kids vs Grown-ups.


Balancing education and entertainment can be challenging in the school holidays, but with a bit of creativity and planning, it's entirely possible to create meaningful learning experiences that are also enjoyable for the whole family.

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