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How To Make Your Bedroom Cooler

How To Make Your Bedroom Cooler

15th Jan 2020

Do you find yourself feeling too hot at night during the summer? It is common to lose sleep during hot summer nights and finding a solution to cool down is sometimes not easy. If the luxury of air conditioning is not something you have, then you'll need to find other solutions to beat the heat.


Check out our list of top tips for keeping your bedroom cooler this summer!


Easily create a cooler bedroom with these ideas


  1. Take a chilled ice pack/ wheat bag to bed (like you would take a hottie to bed in the winter).
  2. Leave your bedroom windows open in the evening to let cool air circulate.
  3. Swap bulky duvets for cooler cotton blankets.
  4. drink chilled water before going to bed to lower your body temperature.
  5. Keep your curtains, blinds drawn during the day.
  6. Use a fan to circulate air.
  7. Avoid synthetic sheets and opt instead for natural fibers like cotton.
  8. Try using sheets designed to keep you cool!
  9. For latex mattresses, try using a silk mattress topper to help regulate body temperature or try a cooling mattress topper which is specifically designed to keep you cooler on hot nights
  10. For optimal results keep all your bedding as natural as possible. Tencel is a new-age fibre from the Eucalyptus tree and is designed to wick moisture away from your body resulting in a cool/dry sleep.



Reasons staying cool improves your sleep


  1. You fall asleep faster - As you fall asleep your body temperature naturally drops. Sleeping in a cool room helps your body reach a comfortable sleeping temperature faster. You'll spend less time tossing and turning and more time sleeping!
  2. You won't sweat as much - No-one likes waking up drenched in sweat. Keeping your room cool means less sweat and less laundry!
  3. You'll sleep for longer - Keeping your room at a lower, stable temperature means your quality of sleep will improve and you'll be in a deep sleep for longer.
  4. It could help you lose weight - If you're losing sleep from a hot bedroom, then you could find that your hormone levels are adversely affected. This could result in weight gain, depression and even high blood sugar levels! Getting 6-9 hours of sleep a night means your body has adequate time to recharge and recover.


Do you have any tricks for keeping your bedroom cool in the summer?

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