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How To Set Up A Bedroom for Airbnb

How To Set Up A Bedroom for Airbnb

16th Oct 2018


So you've decided to put fear aside and join the ever-growing community of people renting out their spare rooms to strangers through Airbnb. Nothing to worry about- right?


Airbnb is fast becoming a seriously popular way to travel and if you're up for sharing your morning cuppa with a paying stranger then you could be in to make some nice extra pocket money.


What Sort Of Bed Should I Use For Guests?


Once you've established which room to let out it's time to focus on the most important aspect of the room, the bed. If you're planning on becoming a regular Airbnb host then you're going to want to get a bed that's fit for the task. A successful host doesn't rely on renting out their children's childhood bunk beds! Equip your room with a commercial bed that is built to last. queenb stocks a great range of Sealy Commercial Beds and Mattresses, perfect for giving your paying guests a quality night's sleep.


Choosing a commercial bed ensures that you are getting a product that is built to last. A unique feature of the Sealy Commercial Beds is their extra row of reinforced springs positioned around the edge of each mattress. Guests frequently sit on the edge of their beds to watch tv, put on shoes etc. and having extra reinforcement helps to prevent premature mattress sagging.


What Essential Items Should Be On A Guest Bed?


1. Mattress Protector

It goes without saying that you'll want your bed to be properly protected! A good quality, waterproof mattress protector is an investment you won't regret! A brand we love called DryLife has some fantastic waterproof options for keeping your mattress protected for an affordable price!


2. Pillow Protectors

Unless you want your pillows to slowly accumulate a plethora of guests' drool and sweat, then good pillow protectors are definitely a must have! Every pillow you put on your guest bed needs to be protected. For extra peace of mind opt for a waterproof option. DryLife also stock some fantastic vapour-permeable pillow protectors.


3. Decent Pillows

Give your guests some options and make sure you provide at least two pillows per person staying. Commercial pillows are the perfect inexpensive, option for making sure your bed is suitably equipped for paying guests.



4. Quality Sheets

Opt for commercial sheets that are designed to withstand frequent washing. Crisp, white sheets are always going to be appreciated and having more than one set on hand will ensure you are well-prepared for any accidents that may occur.


5. Duvet Inner/Blankets

When deciding upon what sort of duvet inner you need it is important to consider a number of other factors. Are your guests going to be using air conditioning to heat or cool their room? Will you need extra layers to add to the bed during the colder months? Ideally you want to purchase bedding that will withstand the heat of summer and yet still provide warmth during the winter.


An All Season Duvet Inner from DryLife is a great option to keep your guests cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Filled with Tencel (a unique fibre made from the Eucalyptus tree), DryLife Duvet Inners help draw away moisture and regulate your temperature as you sleep. As an added bonus, all DryLife products are hypoallergenic and endorsed by Asthma New Zealand. Providing hypoallergenic bedding is sure to be a popular selling point when advertising your room to potential guests online!


6. Duvet Cover

Choose a duvet cover that can withstand frequent washing and try not to be too bold with your colour choices. Remember, your guests will be selecting your room from photos that you post on the Airbnb website. You might think a psychedelic print duvet cover will make you stand out from the crowd but in reality it could be a deterrent to potential guests. Choosing a plain coloured, commercial duvet cover is your safest bet. You can always brighten it up and try out different colour combinations by adding blankets and cushions.


What Extra Items Should I Have In My Guest Room?


Aside from providing your guest with a clean and comfortable bed you should also consider some other things such as bath towels, a rubbish bin, power point/s for electronic charging and and even things like empty hooks and hanging space in a wardrobe. It is not essential that you provide everything, but basics such as bath towels and toilet paper should be provided at a bare minimum.


Have you ever thought to rent a room out using Airbnb? What would you provide for your guests?

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