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How To Keep Towels Feeling Soft & Fluffy For Longer!

How To Keep Towels Feeling Soft & Fluffy For Longer!

7th Jul 2020

OK, OK so you have bought some new towels and you are wondering how to care for them.....

Follow these great tips below, they will prolong the life of your towels, the colour won't fade, they will dry you better and it will be a pleasure to hop out of the shower and into your towel's loving arms!


  • Most towels are woven not knitted, so if you see a pulled thread, simply snip the thread off with a pair of sharp scissors. The towel will not unravel or ‘run’, as long as you don’t pull the thread.


  • When washing white towels for the first time soak them overnight if possible or for a few hours at the very least. Do the first wash at a high temperature followed by a cold rinse. This process will lock the fabric loops together. Coloured towels should already have been subjected to a first wash process and do not require a first high temperature wash.


  • Use a generous amount of detergent in the first wash to remove the dressing from the fabric. If you are washing coloured towels make sure the detergent does not contain optical brightening agents (OBA’s) which are great for keeping white towels white but will fade colours.


  • Don’t be tempted to use fabric softeners or conditioners. These will eventually saturate the towel with conditioners and the absorbency will be reduced.


  • Be sure to rinse your towels well to remove all suspended soils, soaps, detergents and alkali which will reduce the life of the product. Don’t be tempted to over-fill your machine as this will reduce the efficiency of the wash and can result in excessive linting.


  • Tumble drying will result in nice soft “fluffy” towels. Be sure not to over-dry as this will result in a harsh, dry feel, and excessive wear on the edges of the towels. If you prefer to line dry, take the towels off the line before they are completely dry and finish them off for 5-10 minutes in the dryer to make them soft and fluffy. Towels that are left to over-dry on the line will be hard and crunchy.



So, follow all the tips above that the friendly queenb staff have compiled for you, and your towels will be hugging you in their gentle, fluffy embrace for years to come!


If you haven't yet taken the plunge into buying new towels, but are more confident after reading the above advice, remember queenb sell a vast range of bath towels that can be viewed under the "Towels" section of the website - here you will find a fantastic range of Towels from all your favourite brands- Sheridan Towels, Christy Supreme Hygro Towels, and loads more! Remember queenb supply top hotels and motels- so here you will also find Commercial towels available to the general public!

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