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How to Sleep in this Hot Weather

How to Sleep in this Hot Weather

26th Jan 2024

It is no secret that all New Zealanders are currently struggling with these hot temperatures at night. Yes, a fan will help but you do have to remember to turn it off and some of them are also quite loud. So here are some tips to help deal with the heat at night.

1)Silk Bedding

Silk is the closest fibre to human skin hence why everyone falls in love with the feel of silk. It is cool to the touch and is great for locking in moisture and regulating body temperatures. Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and resistant to mites and mould, making it a fabric that stays cleaner for longer. Due to the silky smooth nature of the fabric, it is great for minimizing hair breakage and tangling.

Sikl Pillowcases

2) 100% Cotton Duvet Covers

The best thing about 100% Cotton bedding is its ability to transmit heat and absorb moisture well. It is a great durable and affordable alternative to silk bedding or any other cool bedding for summer.

3) Stay hydrated!

Whether it is on your New Year's resolution or not, staying hydrated is very important all year round. We should also specify, staying hydrated with WATER not just living off iced coffees and energy drinks. Having some ice-cold water to sip on at night at your bedside is a very effective way to help instantly cool your body from the inside out. If this isn’t you yet then it’s time to take the first step, buy a drink bottle!

4) Use light-coloured bedding

There’s a reason why people opt to wear white shirts during the summer, it is because black absorbs heat and white reflects it! There’s a little bit of science fun for you today. If you are purchasing new bedding for summer, we highly recommend light colours to help reflect light and it also is known to create visually cooler temperatures!

Duver Cover

5) Breathable sleepwear

Wearing your thick comfy sweatpants may not be the best idea to sleep with in this heat. Invest in breathable sleepwear that doesn’t trap heat making it feel like your skin is melting with sweat. Invest in lightweight cotton, bamboo, or silk which are great options to sleep with in summer.

6) Cooling Pillows

There is quite literally nothing worse than a warm pillow in the scorching heat of the night. In case you didn’t know, there are pillows specially produced with gel layers to help always keep you cool no matter which side you flip it to. If you are someone who just can’t live without that one pillow, then opt for silk pillowcases.

7) Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are incredibly soft, eco-friendly and sustainable as well as  naturally breathable and moisture-wicking. So hence this makes for perfect bed sheets in the summer! Plus they are very decorative and come in lots of different colours for you to choose from.


Although this New Zealand Summer is one for the books, remember these tips to help keep you cool and stay safe. If you do use a fan then I've got a little tip for you, put a glass of ice in front of the fan to help it blow cooler air out to everyone!

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