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Fitted vs Throwover Bedspreads and the benefits of each!

Fitted vs Throwover Bedspreads and the benefits of each!

4th Jun 2017

People buy bedspreads instead of Duvet Covers for several reasons - the main ones being:


  1. They want a boxed, fitted bedspread to make their bedrooms look "tidy".
  2. They want something quick and easy to throw over the bed in the morning to speed up their morning routine.
  3. They want something that goes to the floor and covers up the base of the bed.

In bedspreads there are two main varieties:

Fitted or Throwover


Fitted bedspreads are boxed and are sewn down on the two bottom corners to the floor, the fabric is quilted (meaning there is a polyester wadding inside) and this is stitched down in a pattern or horizontal lines. There is also usually a "reverse head" (which folds over the pillows). The backing is a white or coloured polycotton. Most fitted bedspreads have a standard drop of 58-59cm to the floor. Fabrics used for fitted bedspreads are usually a polyester jacquard for ease of care. queenb have all sizes from Single through to Super King size in fitted bedspreads, and these are a great choice for people not wanting to "trip" on the corner of their bedding. 


A Throwover bedspread is a totally different kettle of fish! Throwover bedspreads are typically made of of thick 100% Cotton, and they are usually embossed with a lovely pattern- these can be a damask look, or something a bit more modern like a waffle effect, or chain links. Throwover bedspreads are usually in neutral tones. These bedspreads often come in a set (always check the product description info to make sure the one you want comes with pillowcases to save yourself a courier fee), and they usually have belled corners (that stick out in the shape of a bell on the bottom two corners of the bed). This corner can be splayed out or tucked under with a "hospital corner". queenb has all sizes from Single through to Californian King available in throwover sized bedspreads (we have had Californian King made in Turkey just for us)! queenb's most popular Throw-over bedspread is the Savona Chantel Bedspread in White, Duck EggGrey or Moonbeam (beige) plus you can also purchase matching Euro pillowcases separately to go with this lovely bedspread!

One important thing to do before pressing the "place order" button online is to ensure the correct fit for your bed (as beds are being made so high off the ground these days). You should measure the length and width of your bed - from the floor on one side up and over and to the floor again for the width, and from the head of the bed to the floor at the base of the bed (vertical). Remember - you can get a bedspread altered by a dressmaker or a talented family member if it is slightly longer/wider than you require - but you can't make it bigger if you are between sizes! Individual product sizes can be found under "product description" on queenb listings.

We hope this helps you with your bedspread shopping mission, and that you get the correct fit and perfect look for your bedroom first time!

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