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How Often Should I Change My Towels?

How Often Should I Change My Towels?

19th Aug 2020

On our last blog post we wrote about how often you should change your sheets, on this post we will examine how often you should be changing your towels.


I guess the first question is, do you shower once or twice a day? If the answer is twice a day, your towel is going to be hanging wet for most of its life, especially in Winter and Autumn! Because odour causing bacteria will be thriving in your bath towel, you really need to be washing your towels at least every two days (or 3-4 uses)!

Now, if you shower once a day, your towel does have a few hours in between washing to get dry in anticipation of your next wash & dry, in this instance you will want to be washing your towels every 3-4 days. From personal experience, if you are leaving them in use for 7 days or longer they do start to get a bit wiffy! You can also get this unpleasant odour if the towels aren't totally dry once you wash and go to use them again, you are essentially just sandwiching bacteria on top of bacteria!

A clever idea, so it doesn't seem such a bore and like you will be spending half your life in the laundry - is to have two towels going at once (maybe in different colours so you can tell which is which)!

Also when you wash your towels, hang them on the line for a few hours, and once they are almost dry, pop them into the dryer for an hour and leave them there overnight to let them completely dry out.


If you are worried about washing/drying times, you could try using a Microfibre Sports Towel. Microfibre is super absorbent and will dry much faster than a traditional cotton towel. It does feel quite different however.

Another great fast-drying and lightweight option is the Sheridan Quick Dry Towel range, this range is made from cotton, spun with an air-twist technology, so it looks like a towel, feels like a towel, but a really fluffy one and is super quick to dry! It is great for people in apartments and also people that don't like lifting heavy towels out of the washing machine!

Remember your Hand Towels and Bath Mats won't need changing as much as your bath towels, but you should change your face cloth on a regular basis like your bath towels!

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