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Why buy a Sealy Commercial Bed over a normal Retail Bed?

Why buy a Sealy Commercial Bed over a normal Retail Bed?

11th Jun 2018

Did you know that on average, over a lifetime, you will spend 1/3 or 26 years in bed sleeping! How crazy is that fact? So it stands to reason that if you spend this much time snoozing, you might as well do it in pure comfort and bliss.

A good bed can help many things; of course your quality of sleep, which will determine how well you function during the day. A good sleep is said to help your heart, lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and even your assist your metabolism!

So why then is a Commercial Bed better than a bed that you find out at retail, well the answer is pretty simple. Sealy Commercial Beds all have one thing in common; they are purpose built to last! For example, on the Queen sized bed there are 9 legs instead of the normal six. In the Sealy Dynasty range of Commercial beds, the bases have springs/shock absorbers, which helps the mattress last longer (in the Performance series they are built with a timber base). Also all the fabric used on the beds is fire retardent (great for peace of mind in a domestic situation) and they are oh-so-comfy as they are built to get hotel/motel/lodge/B&B customers 5-star reviews!


Checkout the full Sealy Commercial range here including Trundler and Rollaway beds - great for kids rooms and even if you are starting an AirBnB - you will have a spare bed for rent in the cupboard = totally worth it!


Of course, the price of Sealy Commercial beds is extremely reasonable too! Happy Sleeping!

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