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Hard To Find Bed Sizes

Hard To Find Bed Sizes

13th Apr 2023

Are you struggling to find linen for your different sized bed? It can sound like a really good idea to buy a Split Super King, Long Double, or Californian King bed - imagine all that extra space and length to stretch out on!! But then you come to buy fitted sheets or duvet covers, and you find that maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all! Single sheets don't fit your Split King beds and you struggle to find anything for your Cali King bed. But don't despair, we have covered the bases and will have you sorted for Long Single, Long Double, Californian King, and Lifestyle beds in no time! Plus if you have a super deep mattress (even in standard sizes) we have a variety of deep fitted sheets to fit, with some reaching depths of up to 60cm.


Californian King Duvet Covers

Scratching your head when it comes to finding a duvet cover that will fit your Californian King bed? We have a number of options available to you once you get your head around the sizing issue. There are basically two sizes in duvet covers/inners that can be used for Cali King beds – either the NZ Cali King size / Australian Super King size which is 270x240cm or the Special Cali King size which is 280x210cm. You should check these measurements against your physical bed to make sure you purchase the correct one for your bed. If you find a duvet cover you love but you don't have the corresponding Californian King size duvet inner, we also sell a number of options  here.


Long Single Fitted Sheets + Mattress Protectors

If you’ve got a Super King bed that splits into two Single beds and you’ve ever tried to put a Single sheet on them, you will have discovered that they are NOT Single beds!! They are in fact called “Long Single” – they are the same width as a regular Single bed but they are longer because a Super King bed is long than a Single bed. You will find sheets here and mattress protectors here for Long Single beds.


Long Double Fitted Sheets + Mattress Protectors

A new size that has snuck into bed ranges is a Long Double. NZ Double beds (not to be confused with Australia Doubles which are in fact our King Singles), have always been shorter than Queens, King etc, so the bed manufacturers in their infinite wisdom, decided to introduce Long Double beds. These have been snapped up by boomers wanting to sleep in the same room as their partner but not wanting the confines of being in a smaller bed so they get to enjoy both the width and length of a “Double” bed. However, that created a problem in that “Double” sheets are not long enough and “Queen” are too long. Enter the Long Double sheet. These are available in our Good Linen Co range. There are also Long Double mattress protectors available in the Protect-A-Bed range here.


Lifestyle Sheets

If you’ve seen the beds on TV that split and raise up and down, massage etc, you’re probably very tempted to get one for yourself. However, these beds come with special sheet issues. You will need 2x Long Single fitted sheets for the mattresses as they need to operate separately, but you will need a Super King Flat sheet for over the top. This set is often called a “Lifestyle” set and you can buy these in our Got to be Cotton or Top Drawer Flannelette range. Or you can purchase the sheets as separates from our Actil Commercial Supercale, or Good Linen Co 100% Cotton Sateen range.


Deep Fitted Sheets

With mattress depths varying considerably these days, it is important to get the correct depth sheets for your bed. Otherwise, they will roll up and every morning making the bed will be your worst nightmare! Don't just buy any sheets willy nilly, make sure you find the perfect fitting sheets. You should ideally allow at least 10cm to go under your mattress. Larger depths can be hard to find, but we have you covered, with some sheets reaching the dizzying depths of 60cm! So get the tape measure out and find the perfect sheets for you!

Note: Different brands use different terminology for the depth of a fitted sheet - some use 'drop', while others use 'gussett'. They both refer to the same thing.

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