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Find Your Perfect Duvet Inner Match

Find Your Perfect Duvet Inner Match

21st Jun 2021

With an extensive range of  duvet inner options like warm wool and alpaca, luxurious feathers and goose down, and natural plant fibres there can be an overwhelming number of options to choose from. We here at queenb are the linen experts, and we are more than happy to help customers choose the perfect Duvet Inner. Therefore we have put together a brief rundown of the various type of duvet inners you can find.



Microfibre is sometimes referred to as an 'entry level' duvet inner as it is more affordable than most other types while still providing a luxurious sleep. Compared to other fibres like Feather and Down, microfibre is hypoallergenic.



The unique properties of Tencel (from the Eucalyptus tree) draw away moisture thereby regulating temperature keeping you dry and comfortable - warm in winter, cool in summer. Part of the reason you don’t wake up refreshed is that you have sweat sit on top of your skin, and this is what wakes you up at night feeling too hot or too cold. Through moisture wicking this results in a dry, deeper sleep. Tencel is also naturally hypoallergenic and reduces growth of bacteria- perfect for allergy sufferers! 



Wool is an exceptional natural insulating material to help regulate your body temperature. When the air is cool and damp, wool naturally wicks away excess moisture making it an ideal choice all year round.



If you want a step up from wool, Alpaca hair is hollow, meaning the inner will breathe better than the already amazing sheep wool (above)! Alpaca boasts having one of the highest moisture wicking properties of all natural fibres. This means that the fibres in your duvet first absorb the body moisture, keeping sweat away from the body and then slowly release the moisture to the outside of the duvet into the air, allowing you to be dry and evenly warm throughout the night, summer and winter. This great wicking ability is combined with Alpaca's lack of natural body oils, making their fibres odourless and naturally non-allergenic. 


Feather and Down

The secret to Down and Feather is to achieve maximum insulation with a minimum of weight. This places importance on the quality and type of filling. Feathers are hard and heavy whereas down is soft and light. Down acts as an insulator, trapping air in its soft fibres to deliver great warmth without weight. Feather is used to provide support and bulk in bedding products. It is these unique qualities that make feather & down mixtures so ideal. The end result makes a Down & Feather Duvet Inner breathable, resistant to compression, incredibly light and warm, wonderfully snuggly and efficient at trapping and holding warmth.


Goose and Hungarian Goose

Goose and Hungarian goose, we always get asked the difference! Basically it’s in the cluster. The Hungarian goose's cluster is bigger, allowing more air to circulate, trapping more hot air in, or more cool in, depending on your body temp. Hungarian Goose down is the ultimate insulator and is ideal for those who feel the cold or who prefer lightweight products. It also comes with a little bit of a hefty price tag but definitely well-worth the investment.



Silk is the closest fibre to the composition of the human skin. Our skin absorbs all the goodness from silk! It’s so soft, it feels and looks a bit like white candy floss! It is super breathable and comfy to sleep under, but doesn’t give a “puffy look” like feather and down.



Hemp is wonderfully breathable, which helps regulate thermal performance. It has low conductivity and high thermal mass, allowing you to keep warm in the winter but also cool during the warmer summer nights. Hemp is non allergenic and antibacterial, meaning that along it is perfect for allergy sufferers. These duvets are amazing to sleep under, lightweight, breathable, and non allergenic. Best of all they have a low carbon footprint.



The benefits of bamboo fibers are that it is extremely light and breathable, resulting in a fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable even on those stifling summer nights. With anti-microbial properties, bamboo is naturally resistant to dust mites and mould, giving you a fresh. You can sleep easy boasting three times more moisture absorbency than natural cotton, this duvet helps to effortlessly wick away moisture, while the hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties are ideal for helping to keep asthma and allergies at bay. 

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