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Creative ways to use Christmas Crackers

Creative ways to use Christmas Crackers

22nd Dec 2023

Ever thought of using Christmas Crackers as a decoration on the Christmas tree or even as an advent calendar? Let us give you some creative ways to incorporate crackers during Christmas rather than just sitting on your plate at the dinner table.

Mini Santa & Reindeer Cracker

Decorative Garland

String some crackers to create an easy yet festive garland to hang around the staircase, mantle, Christmas tree, or anywhere around the house. It’s a great way to decorate the house every Christmas without it looking the same every year, just string some Christmas crackers every year and there you have it! Festive, fun, and interactive Christmas decorations.

Advent Calendar:

Instead of a traditional advent calendar, use Christmas crackers to count down till Christmas. Just label each cracker with a number and enjoy a surprise each day. This is an easy, inexpensive idea to hype kids for Christmas and help them remain on the nice list! It’s a great alternative to doing Elf on the Shelf, just hide a Christmas cracker every morning. The best option would be Mini Santa and Reindeer crackers! If adults want a Christmas cracker advent calendar maybe opt for the Bee’s Luxury Eco Crackers!

Place Card Holder

Who doesn’t love having their own little designated seat at the Christmas table with their name on it?! Instead of boring little place cards, write the guest's name on the Christmas cracker. Playful crackers would be a great choice like “Do I Know You?” Cracker which tests how well you know each other. Maybe even a Quizoo Roulette Cracker to start the Christmas meal with a bit of fun that tests everyone's knowledge.

Cracker Gift Tags

Instead of writing the name on the wrapping paper, use Christmas Crackers! Write the name on the cracker and attach it to the gift. It’ll be like a mini bonus gift with every gift. Try little crafty crackers like Red Robin Crackers or Rustic Foliage Crackers which also have a beautiful rustic look with a touch of a bow!

Generation Genius Cracker

Party Icebreakers

To get everyone warmed up to play games at the Christmas party, Christmas Crackers are a great way to get started and share jokes and some laughter. Try a Scavenger Hunt Christmas Cracker to get everyone moving and in the competitive spirit. Generation Genius Crackers is perfect for kids’ vs adults in general knowledge trivia or even Woodland Words Cracker where you can work in teams to unscramble the letters and first to form the word wins!

Holiday Scavenger Hunt:

Hide crackers around the house or backyard and get everyone in on the fun, maybe the first one to find one gets the first pick at dessert. You can buy Christmas cracker packs to see who can collect the most or even just get a few individual crackers. We promise it's great fun for the adults and kids.

Kids Table Games

Instead of putting crackers on the kid's table before they eat, offer it to them after. It’s a great way to get them to eat without getting distracted by their cracker toys too. Try the Safari Snap Christmas Crackers which involves a little card game perfect for kids to play while they stay at the table and wait for dessert.

We encourage you to get creative on Christmas and to stop buying boring old crackers and spark some fun and laughter to get everyone talking and off their phones with fun games-filled Christmas Crackers. We promise they are not just for kids, but perfect for adults to enjoy some fun too!

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