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The Egyptian Cotton Myth Busted!  Why there are Cheap & Expensive Sheet Sets on the NZ market!

The Egyptian Cotton Myth Busted! Why there are Cheap & Expensive Sheet Sets on the NZ market!

24th Sep 2018

Egyptian Cotton is often a term used to describe good quality sheets. Unfortunately you have to be careful as a very cheap “Egyptian Cotton” sheet set is more than likely too good to be true! Here's what we have to tell you...
Did you know, we don’t have any regulations in New Zealand, so a bud grown in China, Pakistan or similar means the origin of Cotton can still be described as “Egyptian Cotton” even though it will not receive the same nutrients or perfect growing climate genuine Egyptian Cotton, grown on the banks of the Nile and picked by hand (not machine picked like crops in China or Pakistan) are. The result of this could be a cheaper sheet set, but because of the machine picking process, the sheets will break down & pill (bobble) over a shorter period of time.
Also, you have to be careful the set is 100% Egyptian Cotton, a mill can have 100% Egyptian Cotton and 99% other cotton and still call it “Egyptian Cotton” due to labelling regulations in NZ.
Genuine Egyptian Cotton Sheets will typically last for many years. Egyptian Cotton is light and breathable, it allows air to flow which means that whilst a person is sleeping, their natural body heat can be regulated in the bed. Other cottons are more likely to trap air, which can result in a hot and uncomfortable night’s sleep.
queenb are proud to stock Seneca Egyptian Cotton Separates. These have been on the NZ/Australia market for more than 20 years, they are guaranteed not to pill and the Egyptian Cotton is certified grown and milled in Egypt, by the Egyptian Government. It comes down to NZ on the roll and is made up into sheets and pillowcases in NZ. It is one of our most popular sheet ranges.

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