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Moodmaker Electric Blanket by My Bambi

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Stay warm this winter with our reliable electric blanket with fleecy cover. With dual control, you can choose just how warm you want to be. Perfect way to keep nice, toasty and cozy in your warm bed.

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About This Item

  • Queen size and above come with dual controls


Single - 93 x 188cm
King Single - 107 x 203cm
Double - 137 x 188cm
Queen - 153 x 203cm
King - 165 x 204cm
Super King - 183 x 204cm


* Removable cover - Fitted blanket with soft fleecy cover and fitted straps* (*converts to underlay for summer).
* Dual Controls* (*Single control for SK and KSB sizes) for personal comfort 10 heat settings.
* Bambi product guarantee of quality for 3 years.
* Blanket can be machine washed and tumble dried.
* Timer control, select up to 10hrs of continuous use. 

Safety Information:

* Children under the age of 3 are not to use this appliance due to their inability to react to overheating.
* Never place a baby on an electric blanket that is switched on.
* This appliance is not to be used by young children over the age of 3 without adequate supervision by a parent or guardian.
* This appliance must not be used by persons insensitive to heat, invalids, the infirm and other very vulnerable persons who are unable to react to overheating.
* This appliance is for domestic use only and is not intended for use in hospitals.
* For human use only, not pets.
* Regularly inspect your blankets for wear or damage: look for scorch marks, kinks, creases or lumpiness which may cause a problem.
* Check for damage where cord attaches to the controller and the blanket, and check the switch for cracking, heat marks or other damage.
* As a final check, spread the blanket flat, cover with an ordinary blanket to retain heat, and switch on to high for 10-15minutes. Run your hand over the blanket to check for hot spots which indicate that the elements may be damaged.
* Allow blanket to cool down completely before storing.
* When not in use, store as follows: fold neatly but not tightly (or roll) without sharp bends in the heating element and store where no other objects will be placed upon it.
* Always test your electric blankets before use when you take them out of storage.

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